Traffic Reminders

Traffic Reminders
Posted on 08/05/2019
Picture of traffic pattern

Thank you for doing your part in ensuring the safety of all our students during morning and afternoon drop off and pick up. Your cooperation is appreciated with driving slowly in the designated direction and using the crosswalk to cross. Please remember to remain in your cars during drop off and pick up in order to speed up the process and maintain student safety. We must emphasize that these procedures must be followed:

  • The bus lane is not accessible to parents at any time
  • Double parking and/or leaving your car unattended is not allowed
  • All bike riders, adults and children, must walk bikes and scooters on campus for safety and proper modeling for our students 
  • Motorized vehicles such as golf carts, mopeds and electric bikes must go through the parent pick up line, or park and walk to school

Considerations will be made concerning tardy slips in the event that the car lines are excessively long or we experience inclement weather in the morning. Please use this video as guidance for our traffic pattern.