Art to Remember Fundraiser Going on Now

Art to Remember Fundraiser Going On Now
Posted on 11/08/2019
Art to Remember LogoReagan Families,
Please check your child’s backpack!
Art to Remember is coming home Friday, Nov. 8, 2019. Place your Orders by 11/19/19!

Art To Remember is our annual fundraiser to purchase clay and glaze for each student to create a clay project in art class! REAGAN Art profits 33% of each sale. You may use the art created in art class that is featured on your child’s form or upload your own, too! It makes great holiday gifts for families near and far. The products ship free to school or you may pay extra to ship it directly to grandma!

Each student created a dessert art inspired by artist Wayne Thiebaud. Please check out our Kindergarten bubblegum machines, 1st grade ice cream cones, 2nd grade cupcakes, 3rd grade doughnuts, 4th graders’ slice of pie, and 5th graders’ yummy cakes!

The fundraiser is all on-line. Please visit and enter your child’s unique order code printed on the pamphlet.

Lost pamphlet? please email for your child’s unique order code. Please include child first and last name, grade, and teacher name.

Bonus! The top 2 classes with the most participation will earn an extra clay project and the winning teachers will gain an extra planning time!