Math P Coming Soon

Math P Coming Soon
Posted on 08/21/2018
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Reagan's Math Pentathlon team is looking for coaches and parent helpers. The Math Pentathlon program is a fun after school club that will meet for one hour on Tuesdays at Reagan right after school (club dismissal will be at 4:00 pm SHARP). It runs from October through tournament season in the Spring. If you're unfamiliar with the Math Pentathlon program, please visit the official website at to learn more. To sign up as a Math P coach or parent helper complete the Math P Coach/Parent Helper Interest Form

On Tuesdays, directly after dismissal, each division will meet separately at a pre-determined location of the school, usually a teacher’s classroom or grade level neighborhood area. Pentathletes will learn 5 different math-oriented board games and practice playing those games until their respective division tournament day in the Spring. Pentathletes will be learning math concepts as well as sportsmanship and self-advocacy. Tournament day will be the highlight of the season! Pentathletes will be paired up with a player from another school to compete for a win, loss, or tie. We will work to prepare them for this day. Of course, having a good attitude and a love for playing board games will help the pentathlete be successful as well.

Reagan Elementary has 3 divisions of Math Pentathlon. Each division will require a minimum of two main coaches responsible for teaching the games as well as several parent helpers to supplement learning and help with maintaining an orderly club time. The more helpers we have committed, the more students we can serve.

-Division 1 is for our Kinder and 1st grade students. The ratio for kids to parents for Division 1 is 4:1. Tournament day is March 30th.

-Division 2 is for our 2nd and 3rd grade students. The ratio for kids to parents for Division 2 is 6:1. Tournament day is April 6th.

-Division 3 is for our 4th and 5th grade students. The ratio for kids to parents for Division 3 is 6:1. Tournament day is April 27th.

We are needing parents who can jump in and be part of our award-winning program. You don't need to have any prior experience, and training is available. Reagan's Math Pentathlon Club has many children wanting to participate, however, we can only serve so many children. We need your help!!! If you think you'd be a good match to help with any of our teams, please contact Aleida Vangeli at

Students will be selected based on their desire to be a part of Math Pentathlon club, good citizenship, and parental involvement. We can't effectively teach the games to the pentathletes without enough adult supervision.

If you haven't found your "niche" for volunteering, maybe Math Pentathlon is the right fit for you!